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On June 5th, the Meyers hooked their 22′ trailer onto their ‘advertisement on wheels’ Sprinter Van and headed to the Chilliwack Rhythm Reelers’ 29th annual RALLY-IN-THE-VALLEY. Some 47 RV’s parked in the grassy field next to Atchelitz Hall during this beautiful sunny weekend. Brent (Therese) Mawdsley of Delta, BC was the featured caller, with Anita (Dan) Adams of Chilliwack as the featured cuer. As usual, the hall was decorated beautifully with dozens of multi-coloured balloons hanging from the ceiling, and forming an archway over the stage. The Theme this year was ‘The Swinging ’60’s’ so there were ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’ symbols, with some dancers dressed in the ’60’s attire.

Mainstream dancing, with one ‘Plus’ tip started Friday evening at 8 pm, giving everyone plenty of time to get their RV’s set up and even get some visiting in. After all, socializing is a fun part of dancing at jamborees too. And of course, so is eating…….. so after the dance, then some entertainment on stage, everyone headed downstairs for refreshments.

(‘Plus’ is a level of modern square dancing where dancers can enjoy more challenging moves which combine a few moves of Mainstream dancing. ‘Teacup Chain’, ‘Spin Chain The Gears’, and ‘All 8 Spin The Top’ are just a few of these fun calls).

Saturday morning started with a ‘Pajama‘ Mainstream dance with 8 squares in attendance. This was followed with Round dancing (Round dancing is choreographed ballroom dancing) by Anita Adams cueing phase III and some phase IV Round dances. These included Cha cha, Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz, Jive and even Bolero, Quick-step and a Slow-2-step. Then ‘Plus’ square dancing took place from 1:30 – 3:00 with 9 or 10 squares on the floor. After all that dancing, the Meyers took a well-deserved break to relax and visit with some of the 29 dancers just from Region 9 alone. (Region 9 is from Kamloops to Salmon Arm). There were 160 dancers registered at this event!

The potluck dinner that everyone looks forward to took place downstairs in the hall, with over 70 different dishes consisting of numerous salads, meats, vegetables (raw & cooked), assorted casseroles, devilled eggs, cabbage rolls and fresh fruits. This huge array of food was spread out on long tables. There was so much food that they had to hold back some for a bit. This was great for the tables that weren’t ‘first’.

After dinner there was a full hour of Pre-Round dancing which included some phase III Rounds. This was followed by the customary Grand March where dancers lined up with their own clubs and carried their banners. After the ‘Opening Ceremony’ everyone ‘squared’ up again to dance Mainstream dancing, with one ‘Plus’ tip later in the evening. The floor was bouncing with enthusiasm as 20 squares kicked up their heels with dancers from young to old.  At one point in the weekend we were privileged to hear Brent’s two daughters Amanda & Meaghan each ‘call’ a square dance.  At 10:00 after the dancing ended on the Saturday night, Amanda & Meaghan entertained everyone with an energetic tap dance duet which was very pleasurable to watch. After the entertainment, the dancers headed downstairs for a delicious assortment of pies and ice-cream.

Sunday morning offered a pancake & sausage breakfast with strawberries or syrup, juices, and coffee. More square and round dancing took place with a panel of callers and cuers. Sandy Meyer did one of her Yodel ‘square dance’ calls and ‘cued’ the much loved and requested ‘Irish Washer Woman’ Cha Cha Round dance.

It was a memorable weekend once again and good to see friends from all over come together to do what they all love to do —– DANCE!

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